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About Vintage Golf Bags-important Things To Know

If you are a professional golfer and you are looking for some sophisticated accessories then the vintage golf bag is an item that you must surely consider. One of the most popular games that is played with great enthusiasm all around the world is golf. It is a relaxing game that is played by youngsters and adults alike. During the year various golf tournaments are also held in which professional golfers take part. Vintage items are luxurious and elegant and they would surely help you in adding charm to your collection.

The vintage golf bags are available in various outlets but many of them are fake that is why you must carry out a throughout research before you purchase authentic items.

1.Features and Functions
If you require more information about features and functions, the below mentioned are some important points that you must surely consider. Golf is a game which is played with great enthusiasm and zeal all around the world.

” You will see that during the rainy season, a hood for the golf bag would be an appropriate option as this would help in protecting your clubs.

“If you are a golf enthusiast then you must surely consider purchasing the vintage golf equipments that would surely mesmerize your senses. Different sections make sure that all your clubs, balls and additional accessories are stored in an appropriate manner.

“I would like to tell you that golf bags with stand would help you in picking out different clubs in an appropriate manner that is why professional players must surely consider purchasing a standing option.

“If you need separate compartments in your vintage bag then you can also consider purchasing a personalized bag.

“A golf bag is a great symbol that helps in highlighting your personality.

“If you like collecting the antique golf balls and bags then it would be best for you to concern auction websites where you would get them at great discounts. Dragging the vintage golf bag from one end of the golf course to another can be extremely difficult that is why you must purchase bags that come with wheels.

2.Purchasing the vintage golf bags
Another option for you is the online website that will provide you different designs at affordable rates. People really love to play this game all day long because it is easy to play and help you in relaxing with your friends. You can purchase the vintage golf bags either from golf equipment dealers or suppliers.

Well these are some very important points that you must surely consider about the vintage golf bags about your collection.

Key Considerations To Become Member Of Football Clubs

The emergence of soccer clubs has made it possible to make our long-term dream of playing football on a big pitch come true. Gone are the days when we used to gather somewhere on roads or miles away from the city to play football. Playing football has no more remained a matter of concern with the emergence of these clubs. You can today find a club in almost every city. Their trained and skilled instructors offer proper training to help one understand the basic rules of soccer and enjoy the game to the fullest. That is why; more and more individuals today are seen becoming permanent members of such centers.

Are you a football lover?

Do you also wish to play the game on a big pitch?

If yes, you can now fulfill this dream by getting enrolled at a reliable football association. We have mentioned below some key points that you must follow to become a permanent member of one such association. These include:

Checkout complete fee structure
This is the first significant step one must follow before making the final decision. Before deciding to become a permanent member, it is important to check out the full fee structure. Checking the complete fee structure saves you from the trouble of ending up in disappointment. If you find the joining fees high, you can consider going with some other association offering affordable rates.

Go through the package list properly
Almost all the reliable associations provide fantastic packages to suit individuals of all ages. Go through the package list properly. Check whether the list contains the package you want or not. If not, avoid that club and find some other.

Compare package benefits
The best football clubs in the world provide individuals the facility of comparing the benefits of packages via the Compare Packages tool.

Talk to other club members
Always prefer to talk to someone who is already the member of that particular association. This provides you a fair idea about the reputation of the club. In other works, it becomes easy to form the right decision.

Explore the club properly
Last but not the least; check the football association properly from inside and outside. It must look professional, quiet and peaceful so that the players can enjoy the game the way they want. Moreover, talk to the instructors and ask about their experience and ways they use to teach the individuals.

These are some of the crucial points that can help you become a member of a reliable club and enjoy its benefits. The best football clubs in the world today offer the facility of membership online also. You can go through their dedicated websites and fill the form to become a member.

New professional soccer coaching magazine

A new soccer coaching magazine produced by Green Star Media Ltd in association with the League Managers Association is published this week.

Elite Soccer is a monthly magazine with exclusive coaching plans and practices written by the worlds best managers and coaches.

Each issue features six professional managers and coaches working at clubs from the Premier League through League 2.

The first issue features sessions written by:

Alex McLeish Birmingham City

Brian McDermott Reading

John Ward Colchester United

Alan Knill Bury

Brian Flynn Wales U21

Richard Hawkins Manchester United

Elite Soccer offers a unique perspective as each session is written by the manager or coach himself. Readers will gain insight into when and how often a session is used, as well as examples of when it has been influential in a professional game.


Former England, Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United manager Howard Wilkinson, Chairman of the League Managers Association, said:

“As Chairman of the League Managers Association I am delighted that all of the managers appearing in Elite Soccer have taken the time to write their session plan specifically for the magazine.

Never before has the collective knowledge of our membership been available to those outside the professional game in such a direct and accessible format.”


Kevin Barrow, publisher of Elite Soccer said:

“Elite Soccer is an exciting new prospect for coaches of grassroots and amateur teams. Weve all dreamed about what it would be like to train like the professionals and now we can.

Elite Soccer gives us a look behind the scenes at what happens on the training pitches at clubs from the Premier League to League 2 – places that have until now been out of bounds for those of us outside the world of professional football.”


Elite Soccer is only available online from Green Star Media Ltd by subscription. You will not find it in any newsagent or bookstore.


To request a sample copy for review (media only) or for further information, please contact Kevin Barrow, Publisher, on +44 (0) 1483 891 074, email kevin.


About Green Star Media

Green Star Media, based in Surrey, England, aims to improve grassroots soccer by publishing easy to use, instructional advice to benefit coaches, players and the game. Through free content newsletters Better Soccer Coaching and footy4kids, the company reaches an audience of 250,000 sports coaches worldwide every week.

About the League Managers Association The League Managers Association is the collective, representative voice of all managers from the Barclays Premier League, the Championship and Leagues 1 and 2. Since its inception in 1992, the LMA has continued to develop its support and service offering to its members and its influence within the game. The LMA has become an integral and respected part of the football industry and as football continues to present new challenges, the LMA will grow and adapt to achieve its aims.

Soccer Defending Principles

Good defending is the cornerstone of every team that wins the majority of its games. It certainly will take pressure off the attack having to score and it also tends to make it less difficult to win if a team isn’t necessarily scoring goals only to catch up with the opponent. It is also the coach’s role to build a certain kind of pride in his players to enjoy shutting out the other team. Therefore all players on the team should learn how to defend well including midfielders and forwards and not just defenders exclusively. Players that defend well, with a disciplined, protection first mentality, can contribute a lot to a team and may even realize that they’re playing more effectively than in the past because you dedicated time and effort to become great at this soccer skill.


immediate chase and pressure on the ball to slow down the attack until defense is regrouped and can win the ball back (pressure may be to drop off and stay deep)
deny and delay forward progress by closing gaps for passing and scoring chances – keep play in front


defend vital spaces by tracking dangerous runs and cutting off passing lanes
provide cover/support to pressuring defender in case he is beaten
provide communication to pressuring defender
get numbers behind the ball


maintain defensive balance or shape by providing equal or greater number of defenders behind the ball while also positioning away from the ball to cover danger areas near the goal (cut off passing lanes and observe other attackers on the weak side; squeeze towards the ball from the sides)


squeeze the attack from back and front into a restricted area to make it easier to defend and regain possession of the ball (stay compact and keep spaces between defenders as small as possible)
concentrate on danger areas between the ball and the goal to close off gaps (avoid being stretched wide – defenders must not to follow players to the outside until ball is moved into that area


show patience and discipline in defending soccer on and off the ball by maintaining proper defensive techniques and positioning
wait for the attacker to make a mistake to be sure to win the ball

Key Coaching Points for Individual and Team Attacking:

players spread out as a team quickly and look to counter-attack when possession is achieved
player on the ball plays wide early when possession is achieved
maintain composure to keep possession and wait for opportunities to go forward
create space – team in possession must spread out and create space in all directions to make the field bigger (and weaken) opponents’ defense
player on the ball should attempt to attack the space behind the defender by shooting, passing or dribbling past a defender and if he can’t score he should look to pass to someone in a better position to score
penetrate as deeply as possible with forward passes and control the ball forward wherever possible while keeping possession
if you can penetrate forward, look to pass or dribble the ball sideways or backwards to maintain possession
create space and take a supporting position giving the passer a good angle and clear path to pass the ball (good timing, angle and distance of support)
good communication between the attackers (verbally & nonverbally)
adjust supporting position to player on the ball (constant movement off the ball – constructive movement after each pass)
include goalkeeper as supporting player to maintain possession and start the attack if necessary
supporting players should attack the space behind the defense and look to unbalance
finish attacks with shots at goal

European Soccer Leagues Explained

This article is for those of you who don’t understand European soccer and how the different leagues and championships operate.

The World Cup is the highest profile soccer tournament on earth. It’s easy to understand: the best players compete for their country with national teams advancing through qualifying tournaments in order to play in the big show. But what about all the other leagues and championships that take place between the World Cup. Why are there players from Brazil playing in Manchester, England? What are all these terms I keep hearing about: Premierships, First league, FA Cup?

To answer these questions I did some research and what follows is a quick summary. Understanding how these leagues work has already made me into more of a soccer fan – I now understand what’s going on and what’s at stake. I’ll use the term “soccer” instead of “football” to avoid confusion with North American football.


First of all, every major soccer country has it’s own professional league, all playing with the same FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association)rules. These national club leagues often have two or more divisions, with the top division getting the most attention, and hence making the most money. The top division in England, for example, is called the Premier League and usually includes teams such and Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. In Spain, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Valencia play in their Primera Liga, and in Italy, AC Milan and Inter Milan play in their top Serie A league.

The championship in these leagues is based on the best record over the course of the season, and the teams play each other twice or four times. The winner is the National Club Champion.

While the extra money gives the teams in the top league the best chance of remaining in the top league, that position is performance-based. Teams from the bottom of the First League (often the bottom three) are “relegated” or “dropped” to the second division in the next season, and the top three teams from the second division are promoted to the top division. The same exchange occurs between the second and third division, if there is one.

Beneath these teams are the amateur leagues comprised of regional or local teams, with players playing only for a small stipend. Amateur teams can be promoted into the professional ranks and the worst pro teams and be dropped to amateurs. Because of this, every game holds great significance, both financially and in terms of prestige.


Since the placement in leagues is based on play from the previous year, it’s possible that a team from the second, third or even amateur division might actually be the best in the country. So, there are opportunities for all of the professional and amateur clubs to play each other. While not every team is invited (usually it’s the less successful Division 1 teams and the top from each lower division and amateur leagues).

These National Cup competitions are single elimination and take place throughout the season, usually in the amateur club’s venues — which can create quite a stir. No advancement through divisions occurs from the results of this league, and the top teams often play their second string. And the prestige of these competitions varies from country to country. In England, the chance of seeing a huge upset makes the matches very popular and its FA Cup Final is a major event. In Germany, however, cup competitions get little attention.


While these national league and cup competitions are taking place, the professional league champion from each country (based on last year’s results), and a few second-place finishers, are simultaneously competing in the UEFA Champions League. The UEFA stands for the “Union of European Football Associations.”

These teams play mid-week (most national club games are on weekends), through four phases of play which eventually qualifies only two teams for the championship game. This year, it was Barcelona versus Manchester United, with the underdog Barcelona coming out on top. This game receives huge international attention.


Like the NHL or NBA, teams are allowed to field the best team they can afford, and they sign players from around the world to multi-million dollar contracts if they think they can help them to win. That’s why a player like Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo played for England’s Manchester United this year, and Argentina’s Lionel Messi played for Barcelona. The best of the top division clubs have multi-million dollar budgets that rival North American professionals sports. A 2006 BBC survey showed that the average wage per year for players in England’s Premier league was 676,000 pounds sterling, or about $1.1 million dollars per year.

Compare Golf Balls Bridgestone Golf Balls E 6+ Or E 7+

Coming from an eastern country called Japan, Bridgestone Golf has made an impact in the golfing community and the engineers constantly deliver to it’s promise. Recently, Bridgestone had 2 of their 3 piece golf ball models sent for redesign and they are the e6+ and the e7+ golf balls respectively.

If you are looking at a 3 piece golf ball and Bridgestone is the brand for you, you might consider these two models and make your choice. You might be wondering which golf balls might suit your game and have not found a good review that clears your doubts. Here is a review that might help you.

The Bridgestone e 6+ golf ball comes with a Surlyn cover, a distance mantle layer plus a soft core. The e 7+ golf ball have the same formula but it comes with a thicker mantle layer. The properties seem the same but in actual fact, there are slight differences between both golf balls.

So which golf ball is better for you? Both golf balls are amazing golf balls that perform very well but it really depends on your game and what kind of player you are.

The e 6+ is one of the softest 3 piece configuration golf balls in the market and from the make of it, it is there to deliver extremely low spin off the driver resulting in very straight shots. The mantle layer there allows a boost in distance and velocity too.

The e 7+ on the other hand have a slightly higher compression and it is more firm in feel. The thicker mantle cause a firmer boost of velocity off your clubs on full swing shots. Depending on the loft, you can create very piercing trajectory with it for greater distance.

Bridgestone e 7+ golf ball provides a greater distance for high handicapped players seeking longer drives off the tee. However, your swing speed needs to be in the 80mph to 90 mph region to fully make use of it.

If you are having a low swing speed that goes with much hooks and slices, you might want to go for the Bridgestone e 6+ golf ball as it seeks to maintain the distance that you seek too.

For golfers with a higher swing speed, you will love the Bridgestone e 7+ golf ball to boost your distance and lower your trajectory. It is going to be fun playing these two golf balls.

Build A Smooth Powerful Golf Swing

To build a smooth powerful swing is within every body’s ability but you must first understand where the power is developed.The common problem that affects most golfers is trying to hit the ball to hard. The fundamental concept to a good swing is that you do not hit the ball but allow the ball to get in the way of your swing. Remember it is a golf swing not a golf hit.By concentrating on hitting the ball you will develop a stabbing motion that is not smooth or powerful.
Lets think of the parts of the swing ,there is a back swing ,a forward or down swing and the finish. Only three basic parts.Now how can we join them together in the most efficient therefore powerful way?

1.The back swing should start gently with the club head low to the ground, the hips and shoulders turning in harmony with the arms, this is a one piece movement although the hips will turn only about thirty degrees, the shoulders up to ninety degrees depending on your flexibility and your arms even further. Note the difference here, this is where the power is built. The hip/shoulder margin is often referred to as the ‘x’ factor because if you placed a shaft across your hips and another across your shoulders and you could look down upon yourself the two shafts would form an x. Restricting the hip turn builds the coil power, think of turning the top of a spring whilst holding the bottom and imagine the potential energy there, it is this energy that provides the power in your swing.

2.The down swing should follow naturally from the back swing, the trunk of your body turning and bringing your arms down on plane back to the impact position. The arms should stay close on the return, with your right elbow almost brushing your hip, this will prevent you from casting the club and hitting a slice. Keep the wrists cocked until the club shaft is parallel to the ground and then uncock them into impact. The timing of this can be checked by holding the club upside down and swinging, you should hear a swishing noise through the impact area and beyond.

3. The finish has to be balanced, weight on the left leg, chest facing the target, head held high and the club over the left shoulder almost laying across the neck. It can help considerably to study the pro’s finish position, my favourite being Ernie Els.Copy the finish position and work in reverse, if you know where you are going to end up it makes the journey there a lot clearer.
Practice these tips and you will build a smooth, powerful swing.

The Golf Downswing Five Magic Tips To Transform Your Golf Game

The golf downswing is absolutely and without doubt THE most important move in golf. What precedes it doesn’t really count. Nothing else really matters if this part of the swing is not correct. Everything else is a waste of time, if this aspect of the golf swing is not right. Everything we do before we start the downswing (the grip, the stance, alignment, takeaway, backswing) is preparation for enabling us to make the golf swing as technically proficient a golf swing as possible.

Starting the downswing with our arms/ shoulders is the number one error most golfers make. This will usually cause the dreaded “out to in” swing or more simply “swinging across the line”. The slice is the most common result of this because we have had to open the club face to allow the ball to come back towards our intended target. If this is your natural swing, you will understand how difficult the game can be, especially if playing into a head wind or left to right cross wind. The other outcome this can cause is if we do NOT open the club face to compensate. Result. A pull shot to the left.

In theory, the golf downswing should be the result of everything that has gone before it. It should start from the ground up. This sounds a bit complicated but all it simply means is that the first movement of the downswing should be made by the lower body. Coaches and swing gurus argue about this move and which part of the body moves first. The importance of not having too many swing thoughts cannot be over emphasised. It is crucial that we have only one downswing trigger thought at this stage in the swing.

Golf Tip #1 One of the best trigger motions is to push the right knee towards the left knee and put the left heel flat on the ground. These 2 movements begin the process of your hips moving forward. The hips will want to turn slightly. Permit this to happen.

Golf Tip #2 Allow your upper body to uncoil naturally in response to this trigger motion. If your lower body is moving and turning, your upper body has to also. Let it happen with as little conscious contribution from you as possible.

Golf Tip #3 It is imperative that you make sure that your shoulders, arms and hands follow exactly along the same path as you made with your backswing. If you can master this part of the downswing then you will eradicate that “out to in” swing.

Golf Tip #4 Practice this trigger motion without a ball. Rehearse that motion of moving the right knee and planting the left foot flat on the ground. Really work at getting the downswing moving along the same line as the backswing. Do it over and over again until you don’t have to think about it.

Golf Tip #5 The best tip you will ever get is “swing within yourself” Have the sense that you’re swinging at about 85% for all your shots. This will permit you time to execute the swing and it will develop better timing hugely. You will then hit the ball further and much closer to the target, more of the time.

Try and stay loose and relaxed. You cannot expect to do any physical endeavour while you are uptight. Let the swing flow. Endeavour to have as little conscious input as possible. If you have too much going on in your head, you cannot possibly expect to make a good swing.

Master this one aspect of the swing and then you can work on improving other element of the golf swing at a later date.

Of course, the golf swing has more to it than just the downswing but improving this one aspect will give your game a huge boost and then you’ll see that handicap really start to fall.

Signed Football Memorabilia- Autographed Footballs And Signed Shirts

Collecting football autographs is not as easy as you would assume, what with most football teams training grounds being enclosed it makes it very difficult to get signed photos, signed memorabilia or an autograph football. Although it is difficult you will still get players stopping to sign the odd football autograph and autograph footballs for the fans.

Often what works well is trying to get the away teams for football signed memorabilia as they will sometimes train at the home teams ground the night before and in the past I have managed to obtain several items of autographed memorabilia by this method including a Chelsea shirt signed along with a few special pieces of soccer memorabilia.
You could also try and find out where the away team is staying as they generally use the same hotel on a regular basis this is the method I prefer and in the past I have obtained football signed memorabilia but you must make sure you have the correct football merchandise with you at all times.
The last way I collect autographed football items is to attend the ground the day of the match, this has often proven to be fruitful as I not only have collected soccer autographs but rock autographs and signed music memorabilia. I recently got a Rod Stewart autograph at a Celtic game that he was attending. It is very rare to get music memorabilia or music autographs at a football match that instance was one in a million.

My most treasured football autograph was collected in my home town many years ago, it was a George Best autographed photo, which is also my favourite framed autograph to date.
Signed sports memorabilia is my passion and I have many famous autographs in my collection other than George Best autographs I have several autographed albums with a Bobby Charlton autograph and autographed photos of virtually every Premiership team in my collection. It has taken years of collecting sports autographs and memorabilia to arrive at where I am now with over five thousand authentic autographs and items of autographed sports memorabilia. I have also traded in authentic sports memorabilia for over 7 years now and have had many sports autographs sold on my website and traded with other autograph dealers items of sport memorabilia, I can still remember my first autographed football it was back in 1971 when Aberdeen beat Celtic in the Scottish Cup Final. I managed to get several players to sign a plastic football at the start of the 1972 season after one of their training sessions.
Its hard to believe I have been collecting sport memorabilia for nearly forty years, no wonder 8 years ago I decided to be an autograph dealer who primarily deals in sport autographs, signed sports memorabilia and hand signed autographs.

In the last eight years I have joined several autograph organisations namely the UACC and AFTAL and have risen to the prestigious ranks of UACC Registered Dealer and AFTAL Approved Dealer in the last few years. Even though I deal in memorabilia I must confess that I am a collector at heart and hate putting autographs for sale when I could hold on to them but I only have so much storage room in my house !!!!!
If there is anybody out there who wants to buy autographs.
Check out my website memorabilia

Keep on collecting that autographed football memorabilia!

Italian Soccer Loving The Play Of Calcio

Italy is known to be one of the European countries which have a longstanding history for the love of football. In fact, Italy is ranked as the top nation which has the most number of wins in the prestigious Champion’s League organized by the EUFA. The country also carries the world’s most prestigious football clubs known to the whole world. Such clubs include the Juventus, Roma, Fiorentina, Torino, Milan and Internationale. Italians and other nationalities alike wait for regular football competitions played by the Italians and one such gathering of winners is the Coppa Italia.

The Coppa Italia is a yearly cup competition among Italy’s best football clubs. The cup competition last year was held in Rome in may 2008 and with the win achieved by Roma. Juventus and Roma lead this prestigious quest among great Italian clubs with having nine winnings each. Winning the Italian Cup gives the winning club a spot in the world recognized EUFA Cup competitions. Those who have won the cup for ten times are to receive a silver star, however, no team has yet achieved this feat. With nine wins each, Roma and Juventus are the next in line to get the most coveted silver star.

As seen in the many Italian football competition and trophies such as the Coppa Italia, Italy has a long and rich history when it comes to the sport. In fact, the game of kicking has started in the sixteenth century. The game, called calcio in Italian, literally means kick but the old version allows kicking, elbowing, and even head butting. The Italian calcio was originally played solely by aristocrats but eventually became a national game among all classes and ages. The Piaza Santa Croce in Florence has been the original venue for ancient calcio and even the present-day games.

Originally, football or Italian calcio was played only by four teams identified by team colors. The colors for the four teams were red, blue, white and green. In the present times, another calcio competition known as the Italian Fantasy League or Fantacalcio. For the Fantacalcio, Italy’s biggest and best teams participate. It is one of the leagues which is highly awaited by the whole world. One easy way to get updated with the Fantacalcio, the Coppa Italia or any other football competition is to use Internet streaming so you can watch matches anytime, anywhere.

Football is one sport loved and highly regarded by the Italians. It is deeply rooted into their culture and it has also been known to shape their current events. As of today, many great football players known in the world have come from Italy. The Coppa Italia has done a great deal in making these players known worldwide but also in uplifting the prestige in the sport. Winning the famous national cup gives the winning team a sure slot in the much awaited EUFA Cup. The strength of the competition proves that Italians are not only lovers of the sport but also determined to make a lasting name in the history of football