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The Anti-Soccer Mom

So it’s pretty easy to see how these activities can literally pull a family apart and drive us away from what is most important. Family time, having a close relationship with our spouse and children, and experiencing life to its fullest. These are typically the items at the top of everyone’s priority list but wind up falling to the bottom in the soccer mom’s reality lifestyle. That’s where the Anti-Soccer Mom can make a difference…

Take Back Control

All the chaos is not good for anyone in the family. With everyone going in different directions, it’s impossible to live in accordance with your values. So you need to take back control. While it may not be easy at first, you need to cut back the kids’ schedule. Likely they will be resistant, just be sure to explain to them why. When they begin to understand that you are doing this because you love them and actually want to be around them, you may be surprised what a positive impact that can make. Typically these kids are feeling pretty neglected and misunderstood anyway, but just don’t know it. By slowing life down a little they will be getting the type of attention they have been missing dearly.

Once you’ve cut back on their schedule, then you need to fill the time with activities in line with your values. Here’s a bullet list from the Anti-Soccer Mom:

~ Rearrange your life in order to have sit-down meals together.

~ Invest in some family board games like Cranium and make sure to carve out the time to play them.

~ Purchase a subscription to the USA Today, skim it, and debate current world topics at the dinner table. Make sure no opinion is “right”, rather discuss values and ethics as it pertains to the subject.

~ Turn off the TV.

~ Play together – there’s nothing better than heading to a park and tossing a football around.

~ Illustrate how to have a great marriage by living it.

~ Show them how to take care of their bodies by taking care of your own.

It’s what we do every day that teaches our children how to live and love. Make sure your actions and messages are congruent with what you believe and want to teach.

And don’t be afraid to be the Anti-Soccer Mom on your block. You might be surprised that they likely will envy your new and wonderful lifestyle.

The Golf Swing It’s all in the Hands – Overall Book Description

Book Description

This book is written from the perspective that correct hand action is crucial to developing a well coordinated, fault-free golf swing. Moe Norman and me share theopinion that proper hand action is missing from many golf swings. In short, this book teaches the hand action of the golf swing and how to coordinate your shoulder turn with this hand action.

The lessons on the hand action of the golf swing consist of four chapters: The Golf Grip, Addressing the Ball, the Hand Action, and Adding the Shoulder Turn. These chapters are written with detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by color photographs illustrating many of the steps.

The book was published in November 2011. It is one hundred and sixty pages long and includes two hundred and forty-five pictures. The book is spiral bound so that you can take your hands off the book and not have it close on you while you follow along holding your golf club. The dimensions of the book are: 6 inches (width) by 9 inches (height) by 0.5 inch (depth). It can easily be tucked away in your golf bag ready for you to use on your next visit to the practice range. The ISBN is 978-0-9813392-0-7. It retails for $ 19.95 plus shipping and can be shipped any where in the world.

The book is sold to libraries so you may find a copy of it at your local library, if not you may want to suggest it to your library.

Other places to find the book are: iBookstore (ebook),,, Google Books,,, and Additional ebook versions will be created in the coming months.

For Beginner-level and Intermediate-level Golfers

Designed for beginner- and intermediate-level golfers, The Golf Swing: It’s all in the Hands takes your through four golf lessons: -The Golf Grip-, -Addressing the Ball-, -The Hand Action,- and -Adding the Shoulder Turn.-

This lesson on hand action is difficult to find in print. To my knowledge, the last book written on the subject was in 1946 by E.M. Prain. The book’s title is, Live Hands: A Key to Better Golf.

Missing from Most Golf Swings

Take it from Moe Norman, the legendary ball striker, many golfers make the mistake of waving at the ball. What Moe is saying is that many golfers swing the golf club using uncontrolled hand action. In doing so, at the moment of impact they have no control over the position of the clubface relative to the target line or golf ball. The result is a poorly struck and misdirected golf shot. To hit pure and accurate golf shots consistently you need to develop a technique that will return the clubface perpendicular to the target line each time at the moment of impact. Correct hand action and a coordinated shoulder turn will go a long ways to making this happen.

Moe Norman and Ben Hogan are the only two golfers to own their golf swings. That is, their golf swings were so good that either of them could hit whatever golf shot they wanted whenever they wanted. Moe’s goal in life was to hit the golf ball pure and accurate three hundred and sixty-five days a year! As far as humanly possible, I think he achieved his life’s work.

The Benefits of Learning These Four Lessons

In mastering these lessons, you will learn how to align the sweet spots of the clubface to the sweet of the golf ball. As you take your backswing and pivot the golf club parallel to the target line, you will learn to maintain the alignment of the sweet spots right up to the top of the backswing and to the moment of impact. For the moment of impact, you will learn to have the clubhead moving along the target line in the direction of your target while simultaneously positioning the clubface perpendicular to the target line. At the moment of impact, the sweet spot of the clubface will be aligned with the sweet spot of the golf ball resulting in pure and accurate ball striking. This is the essence of this book written in four concise and detailed chapters.

A Final Thought

Sooner or later, any serious student of the golf swing will realize the need to learn proper hand action and the need to know how the shoulders turn with the hands to make one coordinated motion through the ball.

– The Author, James Lythgoe

Soccer Shin Socks Make The Perfect Substitute For Standard Youth Shin Guards

Soccer shin guards are crucial to child soccer players and generally are required by the majority of youth soccer leagues. While there aren’t lots of pads and protection put on in soccer, the shin guards worn in soccer are fairly common and rightly so. The shin portion of the lower limb is vunerable to kicking and knocking in soccer, and thus damage, making kids shin guards essential.

If you are shopping for new youth shin guards for kids, there is a special type you should consider. Soccer shin socks, a kind of soccer shin guard, also known sometimes as shin guard socks, can make possessing and using shin guards simpler, especially for kids. These shin guards incorporate the two pieces, and thus get rid of management of the shin guards and the actual socks individually.

Usually, to wear shin guards, you purchase your own shin guards and then buy kids soccer socks to go with them. These types of youth soccer socks are long and are made to extend over the shin guards to maintain them in place whilst actively playing. Once you are finished with your soccer activities, a person removse the socks and the actual shin guards and can clean the socks, or both pieces of equipment.

With shin guard socks, the actual shin guards tend to be sewn into the layers of the sock. This means kids can easily put on their own shin guards simply by sliding the shin guard socks onto their legs as if they are putting on their own socks. Because fitting your soccer socks over your shin guards in the correct and comfortable position can be difficult, often parents have to assist young kids with this particular task. Shin guard socks often eliminate this need and enable youth to put on their own shin guards.

Mentionened above previously, the upkeep and management associated with soccer shin socks is generally simpler than individual gear as well. Many Moms and Dads have scrambled on Saturday morning to find their young one’s soccer socks and shin guards before the morning game. With soccer shin socks, there’s much less pieces to own, keep up with, and find upon Saturday morning prior to a game.

You can generally clean soccer shin socks very easily too. Producers such as Adidas and Nike make shin socks so that the cushioning employed for the shin guard inside the sock is resistance against washing machine and drying out processes. This makes things easier on Mom and Dad as well.

Because your kids get older, you will discover a smaller selection of shin socks, which is probably the only disadvantage to this type of soccer shin guard. You’ve got much more options for shin guard styles and designs with the non-integrated versions. Additionally, if your little one plays on the team with a uniform which includes socks, you’ll have to find soccer shin socks which match the actual uniforms.

If you are shopping for your youth shin guards, you should look at soccer shin socks as a smart choice.

Fitness Equipment Business – Commercial Cardio Equipment, Training For Sales Force

The fitness equipment for commercial purposes and used to find in the gym more often, hotels, rehabilitation centers and other shopping centers are designated as commercial fitness equipment. You can find a variety of commercial quality equipment in the gym business, the types of heavy equipment, that are durable, stable and found a better efficiency of the low duty in places such as hotels and lodges respect. Based on the types ofExercises that offer, these devices are usually in different types, such as cardio, strength training equipment, weight machines, etc. classified
Commercial Fitness Equipment Gyms able to:
Cardio equipment is a common scenario in any commercial gym. The sports equipment that can be used for cardiovascular exercises such as cardio machines are called. These cardio exercises are the ideal solution for a healthy heart and lungs. As a leading providercommercial fitness equipment, gym equipment cardiovascular Home offers classification suitable to be used for commercial purposes. It is used for jogging, race walking and fast types of cardio, a treadmill is a must for any commercial gym fitness equipment. At Global Fitness, we offer different types of commercial range of options to control treadmill speed and slope, that change to be set for operation at different levels of intensity. If you are looking for a low-impact cardioTraining equipment for your facility may not have the best of our quality commercial Cross Trainer great cardio workout without any strain on joints. Rowing machine, exercise bike, step aerobics are some of the best examples of our commercial fitness equipment for sale which are available at affordable rates, cost-effective solutions for business needs equipment for the fitness center business at any time.
Force commercialHome gyms:
The equipment normally used for muscle strengthening, body-building purposes and personal use, is defined as power devices. At Global Fitness, we offer a wide range of commercial equipment can force that kind of long and perfectly durable power rack or squat rack as an ideal opportunity for a safe free weight workout with a barbell, with no restrictions on the movement of equipment such as Smith Machine to be prescribed. Strength training is a hugeOne way to increase your fitness level. Available in the bench press, incline and decline benches weighing our options are best for different strength exercises that are impossible without a bank. Kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells are available in different weight classes are the perfect opportunity to strength-training equipment, professional gym that all owners should decide on its suitability. Medicine ball training is one of the oldest forms of resistance andFitness training. Often used for rehabilitation and strength training, this exercise balls are a great way to exercise every part of your body, whether upper, lower, or core. And ‘now available from the great weight and size of medicine balls in to their height and purpose of the exercise they want to do with tightening balls to choose. Punching bags, boxing gloves, claws, headgear for the equipment’s durability and cost-boxing you can easily explore the listFitness on the site of the world market.Recommend : precor cross trainer pilates gym

The Right Golf Balls For you

Getting the right cheap golf balls appears to be rather easy, but it sure is not as you have to remember that all golf balls are not the same and buying the initial one that you see might turn out to be the worst mistake that you make so, it is needed for you to know what kind of golf ball you have as well as its capacities through golf ball comparisons.

Even though there are many golf balls available in the market these days, the two-piece and three-piece golf balls are the most famous ones amongst all because one-piece golf balls are less likely to be used in comparison, although they are decent for practice purposes but remember, the type of golf ball that you need is highly dependent on your capabilities on the golf course, your skills as a golf player and your objectives.

So what closely are two-piece and three-piece golf balls contained of? Two-piece golf balls are ideal for novices because the basic components of two-piece balls are a plastic covering that is typically made up of a kind of plastic that is termed surlyn and a core made of hard rubber and because there are dimples positioned on the cover of each golf ball, these helps them travel farther away. The softness or hardness of these balls can be easily attuned by manufactures too but when you make comparisons, you’d be able to notice the divergence.

On the other hand, three-piece solid golf balls compose a huge core that is made out of rubber and a fine layer of plastic with a cover but there are other kinds of three-piece golf balls as well and are inclusive of those that are covered by wound leather thread, a center comprised of liquid, a cover made out of hard plastic, synthetic rubber or even balata which tend to have a far better backspin although the distance it covers is not all that great.

Now, distance counts most to learners that is why two-piece golf balls are mostly preferred so if you recognize that you do not have a straight shot or wish to build on your long shot, these golf balls are somewhat useful which is also why it is essential for you to know you strengths and weaknesses as it helps in finding the right golf balls you require.

Those who have consistent shoots and good golf skills will most likely opt for the three-piece golf balls in order to improve the game but beginners, however, are better off just learning the basics of making a shot by hitting the ball and watching it take off but after this, they need to learn about spin and backspin. Beginners require to learn the fundamentals of making a shot by hitting the ball and watching it take off first and the spin and backspin later on unlike those who have consistent shoots and good golf skills who are more likely to choose the three-piece golf balls in order to enhance the game.

So begin your hunt in locating

Delight your fathers with DISH Network

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Surprise your father at a terrific value that they will treasure for a life time with the commercial-free premium DISH Network movie channels from Showtime, Starz Movie Pack, HBO, Cinemax, NBA TV as well as all the great programming in America’s Top DISH Network packages. You can enjoy Regional Sports Network of DISH TV on the basis of your immediate geographical area as per your ZIP code.

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So its quite evident that DISH Network provides myriad recipes to appreciate your father for being the best dad in the world. Switch on to DISH Network and make it the one stop shop for all your entertainment needs.

DISH Network provides unique recipe for its spectators by paying heed to all their entertainment needs. With high quality DISH Network receivers, you are assured of getting crystal-clear picture and sound output in your television.

Different Styles In Boxing

No person is the same. And the adage can be said in the sport of boxing. All boxers understand that the rule of the game is simple – punch your opponent until you knock him out, gives up, or the final bell sounded. But then, the way a boxer fights is what makes him different among the rest.

There are different types of boxers, depending on their strengths, their skill levels, and other correlated attributes. A boxer plays the game the way he does because of the fusion of all these features.

Different Boxing Styles

Brawler / Slugger

Brawlers are those who punch and punch with utter disregard for technique, relying heavily on their punching power to win. Most of them are slow and has poor footwork skills. They also tend to get hit a lot and most of the time, they catch a lot of shots on the way in.

While this can be a bad idea for a sound boxer, brawlers who can take tons of punches and deliver tons of damage in return sometimes win bouts. One powerful punch is all they need to win a fight.

George Foreman was a pure brawler and his durability along with his relentless style makes him one of the most feared brawlers when he was still active.

Classic boxer / Distance Fighter

The classic boxer, also known as the distance fighter, optimizes the distance between him and his opponent. A distance fighter prefers to pepper their opponents with long distance punches, most notably the jab, in an effort to keep them at bay and tire them throughout the fight. Another trait of the classic / distance fighter is that they also have better footwork than most of their opponents.

The jab and other long range punches do not carry huge amounts of power, which explains why most distance fighters win by points. However, a distance fighter knockout their opponents if they are able to tire them down the stretch.

Most notable proponent of this style is Muhammad Ali, whose quick feet and sharp jabs helped him become one of the legends of the sport. It is also important to note that Ali is no power puncher. Boxer-Punchers


Perhaps the type of boxer that requires a lot of skills in their armory, the boxer-puncher tend to wears their opponents down with powerful combinations and go for the knockout using a series of punches or even with just one shot. With deft footwork and blazing hand speed, they can slide in and do some damage and slip out before the other boxer can retaliate. Most traits of a boxer-puncher include speed, good chin, and extreme mobility.

Manny Pacquiao is a fine example of a boxer-puncher. He is naturally fast and agile and he also packs power in both hands.

Swarmer / Pressure Fighter

As the name suggests, pressure fighters prefer to stay up close and in front of their opponents and throw a lot of powerful combinations to frustrate them, take them off their game, and wear them down for the big finish. While their style may be the same as the brawler / slugger, a pressure fighter is more defensively sound and a lot skillful than their brawling counterparts.

Pressure fighters can bob and weave, slip to the sides, and prefer to duck punches than block them. They also have to have a strong chin because they also tend to get hit a lot, although not as much as a brawler.

One remarkable pressure fighter is Mike Tyson. He always closes the distance between him and the other man and unleash flurries of power punches to keep the bout short and sweet.


Perhaps the most defensive-minded of all types of boxers, counterpunchers have tons of defensive skills at their disposal. A counterpuncher is almost always not the aggressor, but their offense is always initiated with good defense.

A counterpuncher throws a shot after slipping or deflecting the other boxer’s punches. To be an effective counterpuncher means you need to have some decent amount of power as well as above-average hand speed.

Perhaps the most known counterpunchers today include Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Matching up the styles

Each type of boxer can dominate and be dominated. A brawler can easily beat a pressure fighter but struggles against a distance fighter. A distance fighter on the other hand, tends to have a hard time against pressure fighters.

But there are some instances where a boxer changes his style while in the fight to gain the upper hand. Bernard Hopkins can switch from a distance boxer to a pressure fighter if the situation calls for it. Manny Pacquiao, a boxer-puncher, can easily revert to his brawling self if he feels his opponent will go down with sheer punching power.

Each style has its potential to make any bout exciting and fulfilling, despite its flaws and shortcomings. As they say in boxing, styles make fights.

Soccer commonly known as football played between two teams

Soccer also known as association football is the most popular game in the world. It is played between two teams on the ground rectangular grass or artificial. The main goal of the game is not up to score goals and the team is able to do so wins. It is therefore an excellent example of developing the spirit of temperature and the spirit of competition between the various people who play this game even Mahatma Gandhi football as one of the main tool for dissemination of his ideas. What most inspired him was that he had the idea of the nobility of the game, because the idea of the temperature associated with playing the game So, the father of our nation has also had great sympathy for the game INDIA-but still a country of over one billion is ranked 157th in the world rankings by FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) Although India won the gold medal during the 50s and 60s and also qualified for the World Cup.

Most people had painted the background for download face book that looks pretty cool especially when your friend is to check your profile. Hard soccer paper documents can be seen in the room of all adolescents soccer savvy charm of their favorite football players. Ronaldo was one of the most famous players for the posters room. The wallpaper in reverse Zinedine Zidane in the MTN soccer club is still one of the wallpapers football top. wallpaper soccer ball gold was used in most blogs. And even people gave for free download.

Watching the football game on a broader vision, speed is a very important factor in the game of football. It can be acquired through training consistently. Speed is also a major area of improvement for the Indian football team rank 157 in the world. There was a time in 1950 and 1960 when India was good at the game. But after all the emphasis India got only in cricket. And a country with population of more than $ 10 million is so far that other countries in football. Slowly but surely, the popularity of football games is growing day after day we see in India during the last World Cup. And now people are trying to use their hands on virtual games

You can play games online football in many ways. The most popular way is to play the game directly without having to download the game this way is very slow because it takes too long to load. (Depends largely on your computer). The other way to download the game is initially very fast with the exception of the download process you have to do the begging. You can play the game for free on many websites. The most popular of them are EA games and mini clip. Most EA games are used to promote the latest football PC published by EA Sports. If you are not interested in what you can expect and These sites allow you to play games for free without downloading. If you’re really serious, you can play the game by challenging other players online. Many sites also offer special gifts for the winners. So what are you waiting for more, turn on your PC and your football team.

Decorating Ideas For Cupcakes With Team Logos As A Super Bowl Dessert

Everyone makes cupcakes. They are so simple to make, and make a great presentation. They can be made in any flavor, decorated or not, and are always a sought after treat. If one has a little artistic ability they can be made elaborately, though this is not a requirement for the enjoyment they bring.

I decided to try out some thoughts and designs, and will pass on my results here. Making cupcakes is as simple as having muffin tins and paper liners. Even the paper liners are not mandatory, though they help make it cleaner to pick up and move. Making a cake mix, either from scratch or from a box and filling muffin papers about half way and baking for slightly less time than a full cake layer is all easy as 1, 2, 3.

Once made, if decorating muffins is a frightening prospect, let that go and just enjoy. A simple smear of icing will make a delightfully edible treat. Actual decorating is really just, well, the icing on the cake. The main idea is to enjoy the process and have treats for guests and family. This year, the team colors are purple, black and metallic gold for the Ravens and red, metallic gold and white for the 49ers. These colors, or some combination, can be used as the main icing color or in combinations. The other color would be green to mimic turf.

Party decorating shops or cake decorating shops will likely have little decorations to use, such as little footballs or goal posts and such. If you choose to take the time to make your own, you might look for a small candy mold in football shapes. Melting chocolate or chocolate bark and filling the molds is quick and easy. Once the halves are chilled and hard, a dab of melted chocolate will glue the halves together. Allow to set and then make the laces down the side with white icing and a small holed icing tip.

Decorate some cupcakes with brightly green tinted icing and either just smear it on or use an icing tip number 233 to mimic grass. Even a small star tip can be used to create a grass effect. Set a little chocolate football onto the grass and there you have it. If you already have small Easter egg molds, these can be used the same way, by just planting the rounded end down onto the green icing grass surface.

I chose to attempt a loose facsimile of the actual logo for the teams. Making a brilliant red frosting for the background field of the 49ers look, I used a flat icing tip number 45 to make a rectangle in an approximate gold color over top. I piped in 49ERS in red using a number 4 round holed tip, then outlined the letters and numbers in white using a number 3 round holed tip. For the Ravens, I frosted the cupcake in deep purple. Using a toothpick, I traced an approximation of the raven logo, and then used black icing and a number 3 round holed tip to copy over that traced outline. I used white icing and a number 3 round holed tip to trace around the black icing to make the figure more noticeable. All in all, they are attractive and colorful.

Whether you take the time needed for making team logos or not, the goal is to have a sweet treat for all to enjoy. If you do not have the skills to use all the icing tips mentioned, simply spread on a couple of the team colors, half and half on top of a cupcake. Or ice the cupcakes in any color you prefer and pipe on RAVENS or 49ERS on each. The ways to decorate are only limited by your imagination. I hope these ideas will spark an idea for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I hope it was informative and helped you along your own culinary journey. You will find many more recipes and helpful tips on my web site. I am on Facebook at A Harmony of Flavors and share a recipe or tip each day to the fans that have liked my site. I hope to see you there soon.

Tips to improve your exercise

Of all the different ways to improve your physical and mental health, exercise is one of the easiest and safest methods. It is also one of the most effective, if you know how to do it, if not, we recommend you to talk with a personal trainer to advice you. Even a little regular exercise can help ease depression, boost energy and mood, and relieve stress. But you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits. No matter your age, health limitations, or fitness levels, there are enjoyable ways to use physical activity to feel better every day.

See Chair Exercises & Limited Mobility Fitness

Exercise is not just about aerobic capacity and muscle size. Sure, exercise improves your health and your physique, but it has even greater benefits for your energy, mood, and brainpower. A study in the ACSM Journal of Health & Fitness asked long-term exercisers (those who had been regularly exercising for an average of 13 years) what motivated them to continue exercising. Rather than being motivated by building muscle or flattening their stomachs, for example, most exercisers cited the feelings of well-being they derived from exercise, along with increased pep and energy, and how exercise helped them sleep better and made them more relaxed.

The important thing to remember is that these benefits can be achieved without spending hours pumping weights in a gym or pounding on a treadmill. Regular mild to moderate exercise can improve your life by:

Easing stress and anxiety. A twenty-minute bike ride wont sweep away lifes troubles, but exercising regularly helps you take charge of anxiety and reduce stress. Aerobic exercise releases hormones that relieve stress and promote a sense of well-being.
Lifting your mood. Exercise can treat mild to moderate depression as effectively as antidepressant medication. Exercise also releases endorphins, powerful chemicals in your brain that energizes your spirits and makes you feel good.
Sharpening brainpower. The same endorphins that make you feel better also help you concentrate and feel mentally sharp for tasks at hand. Exercise also stimulates the growth of new brain cells and helps prevent age-related decline.
Improving self-esteem. Regular activity is an investment in your mind, body, and soul. When it becomes habit, it can foster your sense of self-worth and make you feel strong and powerful.
Boosting energy. Increasing your heart rate several times a week will give you more get-up-and-go. Start off with just a few minutes of exercise a day, and increase your workout as you feel more energized.

Obstacles to exercise: Whats holding you back?

Despite all the life-changing benefits, many of us still think of exercise as a chore, either something that we dont have time for, or something thats only suitable for the young or the athletic.

There are many commonly-held myths about exercise that make it seem more arduous and painful than it has to be. Overcoming obstacles to exercise starts with separating fact from fiction.